The Morgan Motor Company's Hand Build Wood Car...

The Morgan

Although many cars have been made it is a well known fact that the one built in September 1938, which is still running (but with a slight drip from the exhaust) is still ranked as the real macaw.

The Morgan Motor Company located in Britain doesn't change in a changing world. Not only is it still independent, but it also makes each car by hand. A base model is about $44,000, with some cars costing up to $300,000.

People wait for over a year to get their exclusive hand-built cars with the shell made out of metal and much of the vehicle made out of wood. Working on the wood interior, workers use metal shears to individually shape a hood because each car has to be different. Every year Morgan produces about 600 cars.

It has a long and interesting history, and is still run by the same family:

The Morgans. Founded by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan known , it was then run by his son Peter, and is now run by Charles, the son of Peter Morgan. The company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2011.


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