"Tear Drop" - Russia's 9-11 Tribute and Gift to USA...

Russia's 9-11 Tribute and Gift to USA

The “TEAR DROP” was made and installed by the Russian Government to honor those who died on 9/11…it was their statement against Terrorism. It was dedicated at the Northeast corner of Bayonne Peninsula in New Jersey on September 11, 2006, the fifth anniversay of the 9/11 attacks on the United States. The ‘Tear Drop’ is lined up with the Statue Of Liberty and the sight of the former World Trade Center.

The walkway is made of hand carved stones.

The names of every person killed on 9/11 are inscribed on the base.

“Gift From The People Of Russia .…
….Monument To The Struggle Against World Terrorism, Artist… Zurab Teseretei”

Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli


The nickel-plated teardrop contained within the monument weighs four tons and measures approximately 40 feet high.

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The Spanish town of Castrillo de Murcia doesn’t need running bulls or even booze to have fun. Just give them some mattresses, a bunch of babies and a handful of fun-loving guys — dressed up like devils — and you’ve got yourself a fiesta.

If you’ve ever lived within earshot of a newborn child, it’s no stretch to imagine they can have something devilish inside. The inhabitants of the northern Spanish town of Castrillo de Murcia have developed an ingenious technique for exorcising seemingly innocent children. Just spread them onmattresses in the middle of the street, and have a bunch of demons leap over them.

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