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"Ostrich Festival" Ostrich Race Photos - Arizona, USA...

Ostrich Festival - Ostrich Race Photos

Arizona is a state of the United States of America located in the southwestern region of the United States. The capital and largest city is Phoenix. The second largest city is Tucson, followed in size by the eight Phoenix metropolitan area cities of Mesa, Glendale, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise and then by Yuma in Yuma County.

The Ostrich Festival was created in Arizona in 1989. It is held annually and attracts thousands of fun-lovers, who enjoy attractions, music, parade and ostrich races.

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World's Amazing Exoskeletons - Photos and Details...

World’s Top 10 Exoskeletons

A exoskeleton is a term which primarily used for the external skeleton of an animal that supports or protect the inner skeleton(also known as endoskeleton). In this technology world Human beings have been working hard in this area and have created many excellent useful exoskeletons which helping mankind in their daily life.

Cyberdyne Hal-5

Cyberdyne Robot HAL-5 is a cyborg robot which has the capability to expand and improve itself.

It has a Voluntary Control System which means that Nerves signals are recieved by muscles through motoneutron from the brain which as a result moves the musculoskeletal system.

A very weak signal are to be detected on the surface of the skin by ‘HAL’ which is the Hybrid Assistive Limb. The power units controls the muscles movements on the basis of the signal recieved.

It is a wearable robot and has a height of 1600 mm with weight of full body is 23 Kg. It is operated on Charged battery drive (AC 100V) and has an operating time of approximately 2 hours 40 minutes.

It can perform the operation of Standing, Walking, Climbing up and down, Holding, lifting, almost all the daily activities. It is a Hybrid Control System and can be used indoor as well as for outdoor activities.

T 52 Enryu Rescue

It is a very large almost 5 ton and 3 meters (Approx 10 ft) powerful robot which main work is to clear the path ways through debris for Rescue workers in any sort of disaster like earthquake.

It is hydraulically operated and also known as Hyper Rescue Robot. It has the ability to lift almost 1 ton weight and its arms can perform all the motions.

It was designed by Japanese Company Tmsuk in March 1994 in Japan. Later on it was tested Nagaoka University of Technology where it lifted a car from the snow.

Panasonic Inflatable Exoskeleton

It is designed for patients suffering from paralysis. It has sensors at elbow and wrist which allows the arm to control the eight artificial muscles which are designed such that they have compressed air on their paralyzed side.

Berkeley Bleek Exoskeleton

Berkeley Bleek exoskeleton was designed by The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) funded by Bleex Project which helps the soldiers, relief workers, wildfire fighters and all other emergency personnels to carry heavy loads with them easily.

Mecha Exoskeleton

This exoskeleton is an 18 ft replica of Science Fiction Mecha invented by Carlos Owens of Alaska. Mecha in Science is actually said to the walking vehicles controlled by some pilot inside it.

It is actually like the shape of the body and has the ability to make martial arts movements and swordsmanship in Science Fiction.

Stelarc Exoskeleton

It is a Muscle machine and its shape resemble with Spider Man as it has six legs and is five meters in diameters. It is a hybrid human machine which contracts and expands when inflated and exhausted respectively which provides a more flexible mechanism.

The human stands in between it and the machine walks in the direction of the face of the body. It is powered by fluidic muscle actuators and contains many sensors.

Brain Control Exoskeletal System

This exoskeleton provides interaction of bone, muscles with the nervous system. It is created such that all the bones and muscles are controlled directly through the brain.

It is designed by Human Neuromechanics Lab at University of Michigan.

Exoskeleton Springwalker

The Springwalker exoskeleton has the capabilities of running and leaping of all animals. It actually allows the wearer to run up to 35 mph and leap up to 5 feet into the air.

Murdered Professor Walking Aid

This Walking aid was developed in order to recover from disease Sarcophenia which causes the loss of skeletal muscle.

This exoskeleton is said as Murdered Professor Walking aid because it was developed by Kevin Granata in Virgina Tech who was shot dead a long time ago. However his work on this walking aid exoskeleton is still helping many patients.


Gravity Balancing Leg Orthosis

GBO Gravity Balancing Leg Orthosis was designed to help persons to walk without the effects of gravity which means that it actually eliminates the effect of gravity which assist persons who are having hemiparesis to walk easily.

With this device hemiparesis patients can regain their strength and control. It balances the gravity with the motion of the human leg as well as it is tunable to get the desired gravity balancing.

This exoskeleton system was developed at the University of Delaware.

Urban Field Made by 600,000 CDs - Amazing Photos...

Bruce Mourne with friends put together a field of about 600,000 CDs during a single weekend. This is how they got an amazing super high tech urban field.

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